Monday, March 31, 2008

So Called "Cures" For Fibro?

A lot of people ask is their cures for fibro and as far as I know no doctors-researchers - or the "National Fibromyalgia Association" has said of none but their are a lot of claims to a lot of cures for fibro but anyone can claim with nothing to back it up so please stay away from claims "Cure For Fibro" as these people just want your money only is how I feel.

Friday, March 28, 2008

How To Bring Fibromyalgia Awareness?

Anyone can bring fibromyalgia awareness by sending a press release to your local paper. How?. You can go to the "National Fibromyalgia Assiciation" website (
and copy the info of the awareness day they are having and also print out info from the NFA website about fibromyalgia and then share your own story also and send it to the editor of your local paper. I sent a press release to 3 local papers and 1 local paper called me and told me they will be doing a story on fibromyalgia and will be coming out in May 08.
Give a try see if you can give fibromyalgia some awareness where you live.
Thanks & God Bless!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Please Vote For Hall Of Fame Song

Please vote for Songman Mel's (Also Fromm's Country Music) "Our Love Will Last" song for the best song on the WSVN Radio Hall Of Fame Vol. 5
Apr.1-7 2008 at
Thanks & God Bless!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Fibro & Working On Your Teeth?

For me I can't handle a ruff denist that pulls and hauls with no regards for me as I leave having so much more pain that last for days or weeks.
A nice caring easy denist is what I look for.

Repairs & Fibro?

Sometimes making any kind of repairs can be very hard with fibro and overwelming if something you are reparing. If the repair can take time to do then take your time and pace yourself. If a major repair needs done right away ask for help from others or get a pro to do it as it will save a ton of stress & pain on yourself is what I have learned.

Baby sitting & Fibro?

I use to watch a friends 2 sons from time to time and together that always wanted to fight and oh boy so hard on my fibro but then I learned things to make things easy on me and my fibro broke up the boys in diffrent rooms the boys liked me and always wanted to come vist uncle Mel.
I have learned be smart with your fibro & learn things that can help you.

Good Prayer Request Website?

A good prayer request website I have found is Joel
Yes the smiling :) preacher.